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Packaged Data Warehouse Market

February 20, 2006

I was impressed with the depth of a recent Bloor report “Packaged Data Warehouses”, which examines in depth Decision Point, Kalido, IBM DM”, SAS, SAP BI, Showcase and Teradata. In these days when some analyst firms’ presentations barely mention vendors at all it is great to see an old-fashioned, detailed set of product evaluations. Also, unlike many, this report was not paid for by a particular vendor, so the companies covered within it have had no opportunity to influence the results.

The report evaluates and scores the products by:

  • stability and risk
  • support
  • performance
  • ease of use
  • fit for purpose i.e. product quality
  • architecture
  • value for money

Having looked carefully through the Kalido evaluations, it seems fair and accurate, and clearly is the product of a great deal of work. I commend Philip Howard, the analyst who led this, for producing such a comprehensive piece of analysis in an age of lightweight analyst sound-bites.

The report is not cheap, but it does have genuinely good in-depth analysis, and anyone considering a data warehouse project should buy this before they contemplate building one themselves.

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