Andy on Enterprise Software

New Year

January 2, 2007

Happy New year to everyone. This period is one which journalists and bloggers dread since there is virtually no news of note (unless someone did something really naughty at the work Christmas party). Fortunately Gartner’s Andreas Bitterer has come to the rescue with the idea of a virtual cocktail party for a few bloggers, who are invited to reveal five things about themselves:

This is certainly a fine distraction from coming up with original observations about the software industry, so in the spirit of New year here are five things about me:

1. In 2004 I completed visiting every 3 star Michelin restaurant in the world at that time (see for more on this).

2. I have cuddled a full-grown cheetah (in South Africa at a sanctuary where they bring up baby cheetahs and then release them back into the wild; they purr just like a regular cat)

3. I have eaten fugu (the poisonous puffer fish) when in Japan and lived to tell the tale.

4. I was a junior county chess champion (Somerset is a small county).

5. I once sat next to Madonna and Guy Ritchie at a restaurant (Zafferano in London) and didn’t recognise Madonna as she was wearing glasses, but I did recognise Harry Shearer (who does most of the voices on the Simpsons) a few weeks later. This may reveal something about my grasp of popular culture.

Well done Andreas – an inspired rescue idea for bloggers everywhere in search of material this week. Someone go and take someone else over soon please so we can all get back to worthy commentary.