Burning Platform

I noticed an interesting blog post by Andrew Brooks about a possible side effect of the credit crunch, that of an increasing interest in MDM and data quality by recruiters. This may sound paradoxical, but it makes sense. Companies struggle to get good management information (for example about levels of counterparty risk for trading organisations such as investment banks) due to inconsistent master data across multiple systems. When times are booming this may be glossed over, but with prestigious companies going to the wall on a daily basis, being certain of the information that you rely on gets a higher priority. The blog resonated with me since I have just had a couple of recruitment agencies call me in the last few days asking what this “MDM thing is all about” in response to recent client inquiries.

Every major company I talk to struggles with getting reliable enterprise-wide data, and in every project I have been involved with, the data quality in corporate systems is worse than people think it is. If the current tough financial conditions prompt a new focus on fixing these issues, then indeed perhaps there will be a modest silver lining at the end of the credit crunch cloud.

MDM Education – Big and Easy

There is an encouraging increase in MDM education, reflecting the growing interest in the subject. As well as Aaron Zornes’ pioneering work at the MDM Institute, we had a dedicated TDWI MDM conference in Savannah earlier in 2008. Now TDWI is running a dedicated MDM track on its next week-long conference, in New Orleans in early November. Just in case you didn’t have enough reason to attend, I will running a half day workshop as part of the conference.

For more information or to download a complete copy of the brochure, visit: www.tdwi.org/neworleans2008

Register before October 4, and receive an early registration discount, if you use this code when booking.

Priority Code: IN34

By early November it is nearing the end of hurricane season, and you can take advantage of New Orlean’s famous easy-going atmosphere and fine music and cuisine (at least after you have finished the workshop sessions). You may even learn something.

Hope to see you there!