New Survey

We are just kicking off a major piece of research into data governance, at the heart of which is a survey. This survey has an impressive array of media sponsors and sponsors, and aims to get to the heart of what is going on in practice with data governance today, what level of effort is being put into it, and how successful is it. The survey will also address the linkage between governance and the key areas of MDM and data quality. If you have some background in this area then please participate in the survey.

As an added incentive, if you complete the survey then you be sent a summary of its results, and there are several of our vendor profiles (which costs $495) to be won via a prize draw.


Our research shows that building a business case is one of the major barriers when putting together an MDM initiative. Some of this is due to people not knowing the correct information to present in order to make a convincing business case, and in other cases it is due to the difficulty in estimating costs and benefits. This is actually not rocket science.

Join me for a webinar this Wednesday (at 11 EST = 16:00 UK time) on how to build the business case for an MDM project. It contains lots of practical information to make a proper business case, including data from our latest research e.g. on how much MDM projects cost to maintain once live.

You can register for it here:

It is even free!

Governing Data

This week I will be delivering the keynote speech at the IDQ Data Governance Conference in San Diego (funny how they never hold technology conferences in Detroit or Duluth). This promises to be an excellent event, with over 350 registered attendees, and plenty of movers and shakers in this emerging field. Data governance is the business-led strand that is beginning to bring together the hitherto curiously separate worlds of MDM and data quality, and it will be interesting to see what leading end-user companies are doing in this field.