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An IDC survey puts the MDM market at USD 10.4 billion by 2009, with a compound growth rate of 13.8%. To save you some Excel exercise, that puts the existing MDM market at USD 5 billion today. This seems quite high, and clearly involves counting the existing sub-markets of CDI (customer data integration) and PIM (product informaton management) which have been around a lot longer than general purpose MDM tools (e.g. Kalido MDM, Oracle Data Hub, Hyperion Razza and SAP MDM or whatever it is called this week). Certainly the latter tools are what has stirred up a lot of interest in the MDM market, since they promise to address the general problem of how to manage master data, rather than dealing with the speicifc point problems of customer and product. This is important, since BP uses Kalido MDM to manage 350 different types of master data, so if we have to have a different software solution for every data type then IT departments are going to be very disappointed indeed! In fact today there are relatively few deployed instances of general purpose MDM tools, which are quite young (KALIDO MDM went on general release in Q3 2004) so it is of great interest to those vendors as to how quickly the “general purpose MDM” market will pick up from its early beginnings to grow to a serious proportion of this overall market. IDC are the most quantitative and thorough of the industry analysts when it comes to market size data, though as ever caution should be used in projecting the future in a straight-line form. Still, even at the current market size of USD 5 billion, it can be seen that this market, which did not even really have a name a year or so ago, is generating a lot of interest.

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  1. Hello Andy,

    Would you have information on Manufacturing Enterprise Software market for Canada? I’m particularly interested in core MES applications such as WIP tracking, Production Management, Scheduling, etc.

    Thanks and have a nice day!


  2. Is there a component of services in the MDM space and what percentage of the total spend is usually services (ie. data cleaning, process documentation, data governance and definition)? I have not been able to find too many articles that talk about service market for MDM.

  3. This is going to be hard to get. Analyst firms like IDC and others will certainly have such numbers but they will charge a lot for such reports (usually a thousand dollars or more unless you have a company subscription). Sometimes snippets of numbers are quoted e.g.

    “The overall global enterprise software market was USD 142 billion in size in 2005 according to Ovum.”


    AMR reckon that “The SMB market is the fastest growing sector with a total IT market worth in excess of $200 billion” which would include hardware and consulting, though there is no universal definition of what is a mid market company. Your definition probably differs from each analyst firm’s definition.

    Moreover I have noticed that different analyst firms estimates vary widely for particular markets, depending on what they include and presumably depending on their methodology. IDC have the best reputation for solid reearch, and I would trust their numbers more than others, followed by Dataquest. When I was running Kalido these were the only companies that ever contacted me for company data, which makes me wonder how the other firms come up with their estimates other than by using a dartboard.

    Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  4. Andy,

    Let me try to be more precise. Ideally, I’m trying to get a rough sense of the following market:
    – enterprise software and hardware of all kinds (business intelligence, analytics, security, servers, etc, etc)
    – sold to SMB’s: companies between $10MM and $1B in revenue
    – in the US and Canada

    If you have stats for something close to this, but not exactly on the dot, that’s fine too.



  5. Do you mean related to MDM, or the total market size for all software and hardware globally?

  6. Andy,

    Do you have any idea of the size of the enterprise software and hardware markets? I’m especially interested in the amounts purchased by firms in the mid-market ($20MM – $2B).
    Would appreciate it if you could share your opinion.

    – Andrei

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