Me 2 for Teradata MDM

Teradata has taken on I2’s MDM solution as its own, moving forward from a previous partner relationship to one where they licence the code.  Indeed Teradata has hired I2 staff responsible for the I2 MDM product, so this is more a technology acquisition than a regular partnership. For i2 this will effectively remove it from the MDM space, but in actual fact Teradata is a more logical home for this technology.  I2 has struggled recently, with its share price at $14.30 today barely more than half that last September.  Since I2 is very much a supply chain vendor, the general purpose MDM technology it has was a somewhat ungainly fit. For them this move is about concentrating on their core supply chain competence. 

Teradata’s strong data warehouse offering has a much more natural fit to MDM, as indeed does any data warehouse vendor.  It makes sense for a data warehouse to sit alongside a separate master data repository, as I have written about previously.  Since I2’s MDM technology had a decent reputation (though rather limited customer deployments) Teradata’s strong channel and more natural technology fit should gain better traction for it, as well as plugging a gap in Teradata’s offerings.