Keep it cranky

I came across a really inspired blog the other day which I would highly recommend that you read.  The Cranky Product Manager is written by an anonymous American product manager at a software company.  There are several fine aspects to the blog, not least of which is that it is well written (let’s face it, too many blogs out there look like they were written by a dyslexic 12 year old).  However the best aspect is that her anonymity enables her to be delightfully rude about many aspects of the merry go round that is the software industry.  Her blog “Streetwalkers in Disguise” is a delightful example of this.

Those who have worked for some time in the software industry will have many a wry smile at the trials and tribulations of the Cranky PM, whose writing clearly reflects the very realities of product management, rather than some ultra-spun anodyne story that is so often fed to eager journalists as an “insider” story but is just clever PR.  

As someone who wades through more blogs than I care to admit to, I wish more blogs were like this one.