Microstrategy Joins the Party

To go with Business Objects’ excellent Q4 results, Microstrategy also reported good figures, suggesting that the BI industry is in generally good shape. Revenue was USD 92.6M, up 20% over last year. Just USD 36.6M of this was license revenue, but this was 17% up on last year.

There was very healthy USD 32M operating margin, which means an operating margin of 34%. Other measures were also healthy e.g. days sales outstanding of just 54, and cash flow from operations of USD 26M. Admittedly this is down a little as expenses have risen by 22% year over year, but all the same this is a healthy business.

These results are all the more significant because Microstrategy has been in rather a flat phase for some time, with licence growth almost flat since early 2005. This perky set of results will be all the more welcome for its staff and shareholders given this background.

2 thoughts on “Microstrategy Joins the Party”

  1. Andy my old friend. Send me a message – lost track of you a couple of years ago and would be great to catch up. You should have my e-mail addresss with this message.

    Richard John

  2. Good news for MicroStrategy. They have been strangely quiet on the technology front for a long time. Their dashboard announcement was interesting but not earth shattering and should have been easy to develop given their excellent architecture and SDK. I personally think they have something up their sleeves for this year- they had a history of dreaming up stuff outside of the Business Intelligence sphere.

    They are on my watchlist at http://www.seriousaboutconsulting.com/2007/02/watchlist-most-interestinging-feb-2007.html

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