Just Singing The Blues

There was a curious piece of “analysis” that appeared a few days ago in response to IBM’s latest data warehouse announcments:


In this gushing piece, Current Analysis analyst James Kobelius says: “IBM with these announcements becomes the premiere data warehousing appliance vendor, in terms of the range of targeted solutions they provide”. So, what were all these new innovative products that appeared?

Well, IBM renamed the hideous “Balanced Configuration Units” (you what now?) to “Balanced Warehouse”, a better name for sure. Also in the renaming frame was “Enterprise Class” being renamed to “E Class” (hope they didn’t spend too many dollars on that one). In fact the only supposedly “new” software at all that is apparent is the OmniFind Analytics Edition. The analysis credits this as a new piece of software, which will come as a surprise to many of us with memories longer than a mayfly e.g. the following announcement of Ominifind 8.3 is on the IBM website dated December 2005:


In fact the whole release seems to be around repackaging and repricing, which is all well and good but hardly transports IBM to some new level it wasn’t at, say, a week ago.

Let’s not forget about “new services” such as “implementation of an IBM data warehouse” – well, that certainly was something that never crossed IBM’s Global Services mind before last week. Now, I’m not a betting man, but I would be prepared to wager a dollar that IBM have a contract with Current Analysis – any takers against?

The excellent blog “The Cranky PM” does a fine job of poking fun at the supposedly objective views of analyst firms that are actually taking thick wads of dollars from the vendors hat they are analysing e.g.


I wonder what she would make of this particular piece of insight?

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  1. I think I posted much the same thing the same time you did in “IBM puts the shizzel into the Data Warehouse”. It’s some clever repackaging and renaming but they still have much the same data warehouse components that the other vendors have (or can get through partners).

    TDWI have just done the first good analysis of the press releases and some info on pseudo dw appliances:
    Appliances, Appliances Everywhere!

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