The MDM Blues

After living in denial for some time, IBM have got the “multi domain” message about MDM which I have been bleating on about at length for years. They have just announced a repackaging of their MDM offerings under the banner “IBM Infosphere MDM Server”. This puts IBM firmly on the path of a server architecture that can deal with multiple types of MDM data in a consistent manner, not just customer and product but all the many other kinds of master data e.g. location, asset, contract, brand, financial profile, …..IBM has been sensibly enabling their MDM offerings in an SOA context, and MDM Server comes with 800 pre-packaged SOA services that can be invoked. IBM has bought high quality MDM technology and now at last has a strong vision of how to bring it all together.

However it is worth emphasising that this is a roadmap. For now there will remain the separate CDI hub technology (bought from DWL) and the PIM Hub technology (bought from Trigo). Over time these technologies will be integrated with common services, but this is a multi-release strategy. It is great news that IBM has finally realised that multi-domain is the right way to go, but prospects and customers need to reassure themselves about whether the roadmap meets their time horizons.