MDM Styles

There are a number of approaches of “styles” to tackling MDM within a company, at least in terms of what to do first. If your most pressing issues are improving the quality of business reporting you may opt for “analytical” MDM, or if your issues are mostly with the data in transaction systems you would go for “operational MDM”. Within such categories there are different degrees of invasiveness, from a “registry” style where you leave the master data intact within operational systems, to an extreme root and branch approach “transaction style” where you rip out the ability of operational systems to maintain master data and put in new MDM system(s) to do this and feed the rest of the enterprise, while “co existence” recognises the reality that it may be necessary to live with a mix of approaches. But just how many companies go with which style, and how successful are they?

To answer this The Information Difference is launching a major piece of market research. This survey, sponsored by Microsoft and with media sponsors DM Review and CIO Magazine, is an in-depth look at this topic. To take the survey please click here.

When the survey is complete and the analysis is done I will let you know. Participants will receive a summary of the finding.