Something for Nothing

I have now completed the second of my on-line courses on master data management for eLearning Curve. This one goes into considerable detail on how to evaluate an MDM vendor, based around an in-depth MDM functionality model which I have developed (and which has been through a significant review process by some serious MSM experts). The course also looks at the MDM market and talks about the current vendor Landscape in some depth, and finally goes through a suggested process for software procurement, including some tips and hints I have learnt by being on both sides of the negotiating fence.

The course can be accessed here:

Its price is what seems to me almost absurdly cheap (eLearning Curve is new and they are trying to promote things), but as a reader of this blog you can take advantage of a special offer as well. When buying the course just quote the following voucher code:


and you will get a further discount of 20% off the already amusingly low list price. Seriously, this is a real bargain. Over five hours of chunky, in-depth material, to absorb at your leisure.

As the old Derek Bok saying goes, if you think education is expensive, try ignorance.