A New Year Beckons

I would like to wish you all a happy New Year. Some people have inquired about why my here postings have become less regular than they were in the past. Well, it is not that I have run out of opinions (you wish), but I now have some other outlets for the material that used to appear entirely in this blog. Some of the longer-style posts now appear in the form of a monthly column in CIO magazine:

http://www.cio.co.uk/author/andy-hayler/ (which has a link to the articles)

The more news-related items, which typically talk about an event in the software industry such as an acquisition or a significant new software release, appear as articles on the web sites IT Analysis and IT Director. For example:

http://www.it-director.com/about/author/14100/andy_hayler.php (with link to articles)
http://www.it-analysis.com/about/author/14100/andy_hayler.php (this has a link also).

I will use this blog to cover miscellaneous items that don’t fit logically into the above forums.

I am looking forward to 2010, which I hope will see at least a partial recovery for the economy and hence better times for the enterprise software industry. Have a great year!