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Much of the English-speaking press tends to highlight master data management projects and activities in the USA and Europe, but this is only part of the picture. Asia Pacific includes the world’s most dynamic and largest economies, including China and India, as well as some of its most technologically advanced, such as Singapore. Casting the map a little further, Australia is the only “developed” economy that has sailed through the economic turbulence of the last three years relatively untroubled. Clearly, improving the state of master data will be as relevant to companies and governments in these economies as it is to western ones.

I will be participating in a series of MDM-related talks in this region in August, starting in Mumbai, then moving on to Singapore, Hong Kong and Beijing, then Melbourne and Australia. The topic is “customer centricity” and how MDM can help build up a better view of the customer. This is a major headache for most enterprises, who usually have multiple competing systems holding customer data (an average of six systems according to an Information Difference survey, with some companies having over 100 systems holding customer data). On a project in Australia that I was involved with some years ago one company thought that it had 25,000 customers. After a project to rationalise and combine the various systems holding customer data the true figure turned out to be just 5,000 – a huge difference.

Understanding customer profitability is important. In one project at a US manufacturer I was involved with, a careful review of the cost allocation process revealed that a significant proportion of contracts with customers were in fact loss-making to the corporation. What was worse was that many of these were larger contracts, where customers had demanded, and received, large discounts due to their scale. Following this review a number of contracts were re-negotiated, paying for the cost of the master data project within months.

It can be seen that getting control of your customer data is important and can yield significant monetary benefits.

The forum focuses on improving customer data. It is hosted by Informatica and sponsored by Capgemini. The detailed schedule and how to register can be found here:

If you are in the region and are free on one of these dates, then I hope to see you there.

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  1. I attended HK session yesterday. It’s really a great presentation. Andy, you just let me know I’m not a lone in the road to MDM.

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