Kalido changes hands

Yesterday Kalido, the data warehouse and MDM company, changed owners. Rather than an acquisition by a software company, the buyer was an investment company called Silverback, a Texas company backed by a VC called Austin Ventures. The company specialises in purchasing software companies in related groups, building the businesses into something greater than the original parts. It has recently done this with a series of project management-related acquisitions in the form of Upland Software. In this context, presumably Kalido will be combined with Noetix, an analytics company in their portfolio, perhaps with something else to follow. At first glance, the synergy here looks limited, but we shall see. It would make sense if acquisitions in the areas of data quality and perhaps data integration followed, allowing a broader platform-based message around master data.

As someone with a personal interest in the company (I founded it, but left in 2006 when it moved its management to the USA) it is a little sad to see Kalido not achieve greater things than it has in the market, at least up until now. It was perhaps a bit ahead of its time, and had technology features back in 1996 that are only now appearing in (some) current competitors: time variance and the management of federations of hub instances being key examples. The marketing messaging and sales execution never matched the technology, though the company has nevertheless built up an impressive portfolio of global customers, which remain a considerable asset. Hopefully the new backers will invigorate the company, though to do this a key indicator will be whether they manage to lock in and motivate key technical staff. If this happens, and genuinely synergistic acquisitions follow, then perhaps the company’s technology will gain the wider audience that it deserves.

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  1. Two initial synergies: 1) Noetix has nice interfaces into Oracle E-Business Suite, so anything to assist with extraction from ERPs while minimizing ETL is helpful 2) Noetix bought Jaros back in 2009 and they have industry solutions which could be Kalido-ized. One issue with packaged applications have always been their lack of flexibility, and Kalido solves that. While Kalido OEMs some technology now, we’ve never had the ability to go out and buy another company with complementary technology, so that is certainly one of the exciting aspects of this change.

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