A Lively Data Warehouse Appliance

DATAllegro was one of the earlier companies to market (2003) in the recent stampede of what I call ”fast databases”, which covers appliances and other approaches to speedy analytics (such as in-memory databases or column-oriented databases). Initially DATAllegro had its own hardware stack (like Netezza) but now uses a more open combination of storage from … Continue reading “A Lively Data Warehouse Appliance”

Appliances on demand

It is interesting to see Kognitio launching a data warehouse on demand service. Traditionally data warehouses are built in-house, partly because they are mostly “built” rather than bought even today, and partly because of the data-intensive nature of them, by definition involving links to multiple in-house systems. However there is no real reason why the … Continue reading “Appliances on demand”

Appliances are proving popular

There is a useful overview of the growing appliance market in Computer Business Review: http://www.cbronline.com/article_cbr.asp?guid=9104551D-56C1-4EE7-BDF9-BD219E8685BF The appliance market is nothing if not growing, with no fewer than ten appliance vendors now identified by analyst Madan Sheina (who by the way, is one of the smarter analysts out there). Of course apart from Teradata many of … Continue reading “Appliances are proving popular”

When is an appliance not an appliance?

What we call things is important. The recent rise of data warehouse “appliances”, pioneered by Netezza (and arguably Teradata before that) is an interesting case in point. For years the relational database vendors spent their energy in making sure that transaction systems ran quickly and reliably. Business intelligence applications were not a major focus, and … Continue reading “When is an appliance not an appliance?”

Awash with appliances

It is interesting how success attracts competition. Teradata have built up a billion dollar business from selling high end hardware and proprietary database technology to handle extremely large transaction-based data warehouses, such as those occurring in retail, Telcos and retail banking. Netezza has done an excellent job of raising its profile as a start-up in … Continue reading “Awash with appliances”

The Teradata Universe

The Teradata Universe conference in Amsterdam in April 2015 was particularly popular, with a record 1,200 attendees this year. Teradata always scores unusually high in our customer satisfaction surveys, and a recurring theme is its ease of maintenance compared to other databases. At this conference the main announcement continued this theme with the expansion of … Continue reading “The Teradata Universe”