Buying an Identity

Informatica did indeed make a purchase this week, but not the one some people were expecting. Instead of buying an MDM platform vendor they purchased Identity Systems for USD 85 million. Identity systems has a strong reputation in the data quality world, and amongst others has plenty of US federal agency clients amongst its 500 … Continue reading “Buying an Identity”

How well do acquisitions work?

There was an interesting article from Derek Singleton of Software Advice today about the shopping spree that IBM has been on over recent years, and some speculation about who might be next in the blue shopping cart: While I think it is difficult to predict acquisitions, what is interesting is the sheer extent to … Continue reading “How well do acquisitions work?”

HP has a Vertica strategy

Having recently abandoned its Neoview offering, HP today revealed its plans in the data warehouse market by purchasing Vertica. Vertica is one of a clutch of data warehouse vendors that has apeared in recent years, employing MPP architecture and usually a specialist database structure in order to achieve fast analytic performance on large volumes of … Continue reading “HP has a Vertica strategy”

The dust clears (a bit)

I have wondered for some time about Informatica’s intentions in the MDM space. There had been some market rumours about them possibly buying Siperian, but it seems as if their not so secret meetings with Siperian were actually to form a partnership, which was just announced. This is an eminently sensible partnership in my view. … Continue reading “The dust clears (a bit)”