Finding reports, naturally

Another example of innovation in the seemingly mature world of BI can be found lurking within the unlikely setting of Progress Software (Progress acquired EasyAsk in May 2005). EasyAsk is a product which combines search capability with a natural language interface than can generate SQL to run against data warehouses. This unusual combination has led … Continue reading “Finding reports, naturally”

Business Objects Discovers Text

Business Objects continues to broaden its offerings, in this case into the area of text search by buying Inxight , a company that was founded in 1997 based on research at Xerox Parc, and steadly built up an impressive customer list, partly through OEM arrangements. Its technology competes with Autonomy, Clear Forest and Stratify, and … Continue reading “Business Objects Discovers Text”

The Software 500 Rankings

The Software 500 is a very useful annual listing from Software Magazine.  It is the one place where you can find a ranking in revenue terms of software companies, many of which are privately held and are can therefore be awkward to find out information about.  The list does have its flaws: it looks back … Continue reading “The Software 500 Rankings”